Create a QR code so you do not have to retype your WiFi password

“Excuse me, do you have the WiFi password?” It’s a question that many people ask waiters, owners of bars and establishments and, of course, our friends when they get home. Sometimes it is as simple as looking under the router to find or, if it has changed, look at that note that you have stored in your mobile to pass it through WhatsApp. It’s a bit tedious, and a QR code can make your life easier.

QR codes have a number of utilities, from linking to webs a registrar contact data, locations or phone numbers. Of course, you can also use them to register the SSID and password of your home WiFi network so you can connect to it by scanning with your mobile. Doing it is very simple.

Create Qr Code
Crear Codigo Qr

Once you enter the SSID, encryption and password, the web will return a QR code that you can export and print in PDF.


One of the most popular tools to create a QR code of this type is QiFi. It is a web page in which you must enter the SSID (the name of your WiFi), the encryption (usually WPA / WPA2) and the password. Once you have entered the data, click on “Generate”.

QiFi will return a QR code that you can export in PNG or print in PDF. If you choose the second option, the SSID, the key and the QR code will appear in the file. This document, which has a somewhat secure design, can be placed in the visible place of your establishment or in a house so you can connect with your device. If you feel creative, you can take the PNG and make a nice poster with a design tool.

In order to scan the QR, a scanner is necessary, worth the redundancy. The iPhone has it included by default in its camera application, like some Android devices. If you need an application, from QiFi recommend using Barcode Scanner. You can find the free form on Google Play.

QiFi is a free code project. If you are interested in making a fork or knowing how it works, you can access all the necessary documentation on your GitHub page.

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